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BOWRAL.COM.AU is a business directory and a local information network that specializes in providing the best and convenient recommendations for any form of service-related business; including retail business, restaurants and their accommodation features, etc. within the 30km radius of Bowral town centre. It seeks to entice locally developed businesses to join the network through creating a ranking list which is “Socially Rewarding” to both locals and customers. To ensure the reliability of our recommendations, based the ranking on social media likes not on the financial muscle these existing establishments possess. We firmly believe that through facebook likes, we can thoroughly provide a voice for customers who have the experience with these local establishments and find starting businesses with promising potential. This is because we believe that nothing beats a trusted word-of-mouth referral!

Avail now and take advantage of the early registration discounts we are giving, and save up to 66% of your budget! Register here to secure your business place or give us a call anytime on (02) 80075521 - socially rewarding
Socially Rewarding

We truly implore customers to hit us with a like in every recommendation we provide which they believe that have answered their needs or beyond what they need! Through this method, we can rank you properly to what your business truly deserves. We instill on customer minds the question, “You don’t want a good business to go to waste, don’t you?” and let them voice out their opinions through likes. - nearme
Near Me

Using the innovative features of Google maps, we are very much capable of giving you the best recommendation in regards to the best service closest to you. - experience

Our partners or the business we feature can provide potential customers videos or any other promotion related material so that customers will have a background check and the proper information on how to use it.

Our Services - Events

Presenting you Australia’s latest hair social events, gatherings, tradeshows and stylist conventions. - Deals

Let our user community know about special deals you have on offer! - Ranking

Using your social media connections, you can see which hair business are ranking well! - Nearby

Accessing your mobile device location, HAIR will provide you with a list of the closest and best ranked hair business available at the touch of a finger. - Promotion

We provide monthly promotions for our premium listed hair business. - Engagement

Connect with us via your FB profile to rank your favourite hair services.

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Serving as a socially driven business network directory, our mission is to gather and rank hair business for potential customers. As customers search in our directory, they can see what their friends have liked or checked in every Facebook business page listed.

At present, we are operating in line with 2 other directories for Terrigal and Bowral, with an upcoming 6 more that are specifically designed for mobile mechanics, flower delivery, driving instructors, wedding receptions, dog walkers and health clubs. We look forward in extending partnerships with the vast community of entrepreneurs on the abovementioned respective fields.

1. Register your Business

Register your business and see what your friends are recommending. Create your own business profile and establish your online presence!

2. Promote your Business

Promote your business by posting promotional videos. Available for premium to get featured monthly. Create awareness about the special deals you can offer!

3. Get Connected and Be Ranked

Via FB profile you can connect with customers and let them rank your hair services.

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